Why can’t I buy firewood by the cubic?

Concord only sells by the tonne (1 unit of the stillage is  500kg ) as we believe it more accurate way to sell it

The stillages are 1.1 x 1.1 x 0.9 appr 1m3

Do I have to be home at the time of delivery?

Yes. You have to be home to accept the delivery.

Does Concord stack my firewood for me?

No. Concord workers does not stack it for you.

What size does the firewood come in?

The firewood comes in many different sizes.

Can we pay by cash or credit card?

Cash or EFT before with a 2% surcharge

Is Concord firewood going to burn well?

Yes it will if there is any problems please contact us on 94675933

Can we pick up the firewood?

Yes you can pick up firewood from our yard, Bring your Ute or trailer, we store our fire wood in stillage we can load it on your car with a $150 deposit and when you bring it back we will give you back your deposit.