Do we charge waiting time?

Yes, we do. After 20 minutes $2.20 is charged per minute.

Do we charge delivery?

Yes, we do. Prices vary depending upon location.

Can you return leftover concrete?

Yes, but we do charge a dumping fee of $60 per 0.2m bought back. This only applies on certain days. Call the office for more information.

How to work out the cubic metre?

Length x Weight x Height

What’s the minimum we can order?

The minimum concrete delivered is 0.4M3

What strengths of concrete are available?

We offer numerous concrete strengths. Ranging from 20MPA to 50MPA.

What are the colour varieties?

The colours available are accessible through Concrete Colour system and Abolix.

Can it be too hot or too cold to place new concrete?

Concrete can be difficult to properly cure in extreme temperatures.

When the temperature is too hot, water is evaporated from newly placed concrete. When the temperature is too cold, hydration slows to nearly a standstill. During the curing period the concrete should not be exposed to temperatures below 10 degrees.

Can concrete be waterproof?

Yes, it can be. We use a product called Xypex also known as Xypex-Admix-C-1000-NF.

For further information;

Do Concord mini mix offer a 7ml agg mix?

Yes, we do. 7ml also known as Granomix can be used for block filling thinner surfaces.

Does Concord Mini Mix have an additive mixture to make it go off quickly in winter?

Yes, we do. During the winter periods when the temperature drops, we offer a product known as Daraset AF at an additional charge.

What is the height and width of the truck?

The height and width of the truck is both 2.8M

Can the trucks drive on grass?

Not during winter seasons. This is due to many complications that can arise.

Does concord mini mix lay the concrete for you?

No, we don’t. A contractor must lay the concrete for you.

Do Concord Mini Mix drivers help push wheelbarrows?

No. Due to work health and safety Concord Mini Mix drivers do not assist any further than delivering the concrete.