Coloured Concrete

Coloured concrete has been a leader in decorative cement for many years and is widely used for commercial paving, residential flooring, landscaping, garden paths, driveways and outdoor entertainment areas.

Concord is a registered supplier of both Abilox – coloured concrete providers that offer a number of bright and durable shades. Concord can give you access to 50 different tints so you are bound to find the perfect tone for your project!

Our team has an in-depth understanding of the processes behind creating an aesthetically pleasing final product every time.

The colour we use is not a stain, paint or dye; it is made of pigments that we add to the cement base mix. Getting the ratio correct is absolutely paramount to achieving consistent colour and a critical reason that you need an experienced business like Concord to supply the mix. Another important factor affecting the final outcome is the shade of the concrete to begin with. For example, dark grey cement will result in a darker shade than a lighter cement – and this is a variable that only experienced businesses like Concord understand and can preempt, ensuring that consistency is maintained across your entire development.

Concord uses the most durable products in our mixes in order to counteract common problems like surface cracking and colour change as a result of pollution, traffic, dirt and efflorescence.

If you would like more information on our range, or want to browse through all the colours, shades and tones that we offer, then please contact us on 03 9467 5933. A member of our team will be happy to help you decide on whether our Coloured Concrete services are for you.